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Crack Tech - A Millennial's Guide

I went from sleeping on a couch after moving back in with my mother post college to breaking through the glass door to my first entry level job at eBay. The path wasn’t easy - but what changed it all was the day I found myself at my $400/month “paid” internship at a startup and unable to get home is when I knew something had to change.

I developed a technique to apply myself based on my experience, my expertise and personal brand to get me noticed and my resume to the top of the pile. Within a month this technique got me interviews and offers from the top tech companies in the industry and I was able to 4x my salary over the years.

Before getting interviews/offers from companies like, Google, Amazon, Uber, Airbnb and more I was

...applying for roles on black hole job portals

...praying my application somehow was seen above the 5k other applicants

...hoping human eyes would someday see my resume after 2 months passed since submitting

...rummaging through LinkedIn/Indeed listings and applying to every single role I was qualified for

In that time - I realized I was the ideal candidate, I just wasn’t making it through the noise of other aimless applications to SHINE. This technique allowed me to package myself to recruiter and hiring managers and the leading candidate for the role - that in one interview cycle led to 5 job offers.

I’m putting breaking it all down in digestible tactics that I used to go from recruiter outreach to offers from Google, Uber and more in less than 4 weeks.

In this eBook, you’ll discover

...how I envisioned as a recent graduate that I would be making over 6 figures in 6 years and did it in 1.5 years

...how I built my social proof and established myself as a sought after subject matter expert in my field

...how I used cemented myself as the top candidate w/ my interview techniques

...secured strong offers, bonuses and RSU packages

Ready to take your career to the next level and get into your dream company?

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